Monday, February 24, 2014

Robot Cake and a Birthday!

It is that time of year again at our house.
Birthday time!!
February is the first month of the year that has a birthday at our house. 
Little Dude is turning 9 and when the time came for him to look through my cake books and choose a cake he went for it and picked a robot cake!
This book is awesome!

There are so many ideas and shortcuts to awesome cakes.

The first thing I had to do was go out searching for all the candy needed for this guy.

I don't live in a huge town so I had to make some substitutes for the candy I couldn't find. For example BottleCaps for Razzles and Mini M&Ms for the Jujubees.
That OK. 
If I didn't tell... no one would know!

I followed the directions in the book except I made my cake instead of buying store bought pound cakes.

Crumb layer

We chose green instead of blue. (I am of the opinion that blue is not a food color. Just a pet peeve!)
Once it was frosted it was time for assembly.

Head, arms, ears, neck.

The all important lollypops added. 

Frosting dots. I didn't like the little points that the frosting tip left so how to fix that? 

Dip your finger in some water, shake off the excess and gently press the peak down. The frosting won't stick to your finger and it will nicely round out.

Yeah, Yeah, he is legless! 
I did it on purpose, I swear.
There are 6 people in our family. This year we are not having company over for cake so I left the legs off because really... 
isn't this enough cake already?
I didn't want to be too wasteful! 

Look at the kid!
He doesn't care that his robot has no legs. 
He is happy as a kid can be!



  1. Very cute cake.......looks like a lot of work, also looks like it made somebody very happy. Nice job.....thank you for sharing. Gentle Joy