Friday, August 24, 2012

Dining Room Chair Seat Covers

I have a really good friend, Camille, that just moved across town. I never get to see her anymore. She called and wanted some help covering her dining room chair seats. I jumped at the chance to do some crafting and hanging with my homegirl at the same time.

The seats on these things were worn out and had been attacked by her 3 adorable kids.

Before I even had gotten there she removed the seats from the chair, taken off the old covers and cut out the new fabric.

Camille says she isn't crafty but... I think she is. She has a good eye for fabric for one thing. This stuff is WAY cute. It will look perfect in her little dining room.
Look at her go with the stapler.

The finished seats all lined up in a row!

Now those pesky kids can have fun growing up on new, cute and thank goodness water resistant seats!

Thanks for hanging out with me Camille. It was "da bomb"!!
Love ya girl!!