Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valentine's Day Mantle

I have been a blogging slacker for the last year. 
I started college and time has gotten away from this woman! 
We just bought a house and have been settling in and I finally have time to decorate. I also have a daughter that is almost 14 and is as crafty,and more artsy than her mom to help me.
Yesterday she and I went for a walk to the 
local Joann's (lucky for us it is only a block away) and 
went to town decorating our new mantle.

Most of what we found was right in my sewing room. Like theses decorative jars I have had forever.
Just add some cherry jelly hearts 
conservation hearts 

This heart is the piece that started it all for me. I found this glittery wire heart and had to add it.
The polka dot Love was also found in the stash!

My favorite addition is this cute spiky pitcher with red hydrangeas in it. 
So Cute!!

Daughter found this mailbox. It added to the memories of getting valentines from the other kiddos at school.

This bunting is awesome. We cut paper hearts 
out of decorative paper 
used glue dots so that we can reuse the burlap backing. 
The red and white 
baker's twine 
finish it off.

A friend gave us this cute owl lamp when we moved in 
and daughter and I thought it was a cute accent, 
and pulled the whole fireplace into the whole thing. 

The red beads scattered around the mantle are 
$1 heart necklaces. 
Two necklaces for a buck. 
Can't go wrong with a dollar!!
Hope you all love it as much as we do!


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