Howdy to my Peeps,

I like to think of myself as 1/3 wife, 1/3 mom, and 1/3 Domestic Goddess. When I'm not keeping up with the fam I am thinking of ways to decorate the house or what to do with that empty Pringles can. I only  put on makeup when I have to, flip flops cause I want to and cook cause I like to. I love to hang with my BFFs and catch up on our "shows". I am addicted to Project Runway, Once Upon a Time, and Chopped. Oh, and who could forget Pinterest. I am addicted to that too. Follow me and I will follow you back! 
As long as I have my Diet Coke and the occasional package of Red Vines the world is a happy, well balanced place.
I am the wife of a pilot. He teaches at the local university and just got his MBA. I have four little giraffes. 3 boys and 1 girl. She is my orange giraffe.  Life is hard when you are the only girl. (At least that's what she tells me.) They are all artsy in their own ways and I find it fun to come up with new ways to keep them inspired.

My house is what I like to call "lived in". If it only takes 10 minutes to clean up the room... it's all good. Life is about the messes right?!?
 I love looking through blogs and seeing others ideas, hearing about their lives and how they do things. I don't want to call it copy but more of absorb their wisdom. Sometimes I manage to spit it back out in my own form of art.  

We have been in our house for 9 years. We have been slowly fixing it up while having babies and going to school. Now that both seem to be done we are going all out. Instead of going on fancy dates we tend to go to Home Depot and walk around and price the stuff we want to get and work it into our budget. The first big project is here. I will update as more of them get done. (The basement is on it's way I hope). 
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are a regular follower of this blog and on Pinterest. Follow me and I will make sure to follow you back. 

From your peep,