Thursday, November 15, 2012

You've Been Thanked

My friend Michelle called me today and asked if I would share this idea with the blogging world.
In our neighborhood at Halloween time people "boo" one another. I am sure we aren't the only neighborhood to do this.
There is a ring of the doorbell and when you open the door there is a treat with a note on it. You get a treat to eat and the note tells you that someone has been thinking about you and now it is your turn. Make a treat for 2 people and deliver them without them knowing it was you. It is a way to show some anonymous kindness and you get to make 2 families happy.
Why should this just be on Halloween? Michelle's idea was to also do it at Thanksgiving. My first thought was... Well duh!!  Why didn't I think of this? Isn't this the biggest time of the year to be thankful?
The concept is the same.
1. Make a treat for 2 families. (You can do more if you like!)
2. Put a copy of the sign below on each treat.
3. Put a copy of the sign in your front window or on the front door to let your friends know you have already been thanked.

Feel free to use this as your sign.
Have Fun!!

Just right click and copy and paste these pages into a word document and then print away.

Have fun sharing with your friends and neighbors!
(Sorry for the mess ups, I am slightly computer illiterate and hopefully this will work now!) 

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  1. How sweet! This is such a great idea to get the kids thinking about others this time of year.... :)

    hugs x