Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fireplace Mantle: January

This is what our fireplace looked like when we first moved into our house in 2003.
Notice the rubber bumper on the edge? Even with that on there 2 of the kids hit their heads and had to go to the ER for stitches. After dealing with it for a good 5 years I ripped the thing out. 
Needless to say the hubby wasn't too thrilled with me. We agreed that we would rebuild the wall and put in the new tile. I had the job of building the mantle. Once he got his part done it was my turn.
I finally got it done. 
I have to brag for a second. I built it myself. Not from a kit. I bought the wood, measured it, cut it, and while Sean held it together I nailed. 
There I am done patting myself on my back.
This is the first month I have gotten to decorate it.
I am still working on finding something for the wall behind. I could change it every time I decorate the shelf but I am thinking a mirror would be good. That is the skinniest part of the room and maybe a mirror would make it look wider. I am up for suggestions.
The wreath is a straw wreath wrapped with navy yarn. I wish I had primed or spray painted the wreath before I started so that the straw poking out wouldn't have shown so much. 
I then held a piece of soft white and baby blue yarn and made the x's. 
I had some leftover fuzzy felt from the ribbon tree. I made a few rolled flowers. The snowflakes I cut out on my Silhouette.
I love it!
I found this subway art here.
The frame I found at the thrift store. It is great when you find something re-usable!
This is my favorite. The trees. The bases are glass candlesticks spray painted white. There are Styrofoam cones underneath. 
The smaller tree is covered with fuzzy white felt, and a ribbon is twisted around with a bow on top. I just used satin pins so that I can re-use. The other tree is made with a larger Styrofoam cone. I cut 4 inch squares of white felt. Gathering the corners together I pinned them in a circle with satin pins. The berries are small Styrofoam balls spray painted blue. 
More detailed directions are here.
Chip letters covered with scrapbook paper and ripped on the edges finished out the picture. Leftover silver berries added a little depth to the entire picture.
I am looking forward to showing you more ideas and decorations for the mantle in the future. Keep your eyes out for
Valentine's Day design next month!!

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  1. Your mantle is impressive! Congrats on getting to decorate it, and the decor you made is so fun! I'd definitely try a mirror or something with a bigger presence--maybe an old window or shutters? Then you could layer smaller pieces in front. I'm going to check out your tree instructions now. :)

  2. looks beautiful..you did a great job!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

  3. I am very impressed that you built your mantle yourself! Great job. You should show a little more of it so we can ooh and ahh some more. I also like your mantle decor. Have fun with that!

  4. I love the tree with the fluffy squares, so cute and really different looking! Thanks for linking up last week! I hope you will stop by and link up again this week.