Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthday Shirt

My baby turned 5!
Little Dude got a party this year. Since we have 4 kids we decided that they would get big neighborhood parties on the significant years and just cake and ice cream with family all the other.
This year was a biggie!
I just got a Silhouette vinyl machine and have been using it for just about everything. 
Birthday Boy T-shirt time!
(Sorry I couldn't get any really good pics of the shirt. He wouldn't hold still)

It was fun to hunt for a cute logo and the candles added the perfect touch for the front.

 What are you supposed to do on your birthday? 
Eat Cake of course!

The face says it all! 
He is annoyed that I make him pose with his cake and yet... he loves the attention. 
Little Dude rocks and he had a great birthday with a cool shirt that all of his friends thought was "cool"!!
I did learn a few tricks when using the fusible vinyl. 
1. Wash the new shirt first. Get the sizing out of it.
2. Turn the shirt wrong side out when washing it. I did have a corner come up in the wash but a quick press with the iron fixed it.
3. Don't rub the iron on the project. Press gently and lift. I kinda goofed up the Y in birthday because I moved the iron instead of lifting it right off.
Have fun!!


  1. Very cute ... I love the "eat cake" on the back of the shirt.

  2. The shirt is great! And I love the train cake! It reminds me of one we had for my sons birthday once upon a time.

    They get big SO FAST!

  3. Such a cute shirt! I love the candles!